Camera Operation and Control


My group and I had to film and edit a video that is about different parts of the camera, how it affects photos , how to use them, and  what does it do.


  1. Brainstorm/Learn Skills (Monday) – 12/8
  2. Brainstorm/Film (Tuesday) – 12/9
  3. Film (Wednesday) – 12/10
  4. Film (Thursday) – 12/11
  5. Film (Friday) – 12/12
  6. Edit (Monday) – 12/15
  7. Edit (Tuesday) – 12/16
  8. Blog (Wednesday) – 12/17
  9. Be Done or Almost (Thursday) – 12/18
  10. Present Work (Friday) – 12/19


What I Learned

I learned different parts in and outside of the camera. One problem is where I need to voice over the video. Luckily I have a headphone with a mic. So I didn’t have to wait for a turn in the sound room. On one part of the video, we needed to delete the voice over but I didn’t bring my headphones so my group just added words.